Coordination of the translator’s work for urgent translation

The most valuable resource of a modern person is time and nepali to english translator. This is especially noticeable when we are faced with concepts such as “deadline”. Getting an urgent translation order is always a challenge for a translation agency. Since it is the execution of urgent translations that reflects the coherence of translators, their professionalism and ability to work in a team, because despite the tight deadlines, the translation must be done professionally and meet the set goals.

Contrary to popular belief, translators are not the only ones who work on translation. Managers, editors play an important role in translation. The manager is directly related to the editorial department and customers. The editor coordinates the work of the department, distributes the source material and sets deadlines for the delivery of the material for each of the translators, who, in turn, work on their part of the work. The translator is familiar with the scope of work, subject matter and style of the source text in advance. In the event that a technical translation or urgent technical translation is required, the editor assigns the work to a translator specializing in technical topics.

Often editors use double deadlines for translation. Which implies a temporary difference between the deadline for the delivery of the work to the editor and the deadline for the delivery of the finished material to the customer. The use of a double deadline allows you to solve difficulties that may arise during the translation process and at the same time keep the deadlines for the delivery of work. The cost of urgent translation depends on the volume of the source material and the terms set by the customer.