Difference between American and British dialects

How American English differs from British English
English is international. However, there are many dialects. The most common version of the language is American, which has a number of differences from the classic British version. Our translation agency will professionally handle any version of English.

Difference between dialects of the USA and Great Britain
The phonetics of the United States of America is distinguished by its sharpness and speed due to the specifics of pronunciation. This is due to the fact that the dialect was formed under the influence of emigrants from different countries of the world, who neglected the rules of phonetics. British is subject to the “Received Pronunciation” pronunciation standard, and there are a number of different regional phonetic standards in the United States.
British grammar is famous for its complexity. American is more concise and understandable.
Dialects differ in spelling. The US spelling is simpler than the “original” one from the UK. In the English language, new words are constantly being formed, formed by the composition of a verb and a noun. The difference is that in Great Britain a gerund is used, while Americans simply connect words together.
There is a difference in the use of the prepositions in and for. In the States, they are interchangeable if they relate to the time period up to the present moment. In the same situation, British English uses strictly for.
The lexical composition of the language of two countries may have the same words and phrases in the English of the United States and Great Britain, but they can mean completely different meanings. When translating the same Russian word in American and British, completely different words are often used.
Thus, when translating English, one should take into account the dialect of the country that is the source of the text.

It is worth noting that British is generally recognized, it is studied to pass most international tests, the dialect is understood in any country in the world. English in Great Britain forms a complete grammatical “picture”. Knowledge of complex rules will allow you to build any speech constructions.