Ethical Proofreading Issues

Translators bengali to english often encounter proofreading of texts in their practice. Proofreading is the careful study of text to find and correct typos and grammatical, stylistic, and spelling errors. So what are the main ethical issues for proofreading?

Never give up a text without checking it to the end. It is necessary to revise most of the text, and preferably everything. It is important to start proofreading not at the moment when the text is translated, but to postpone it for some time (15 minutes or a day). After a while, the head will be “fresher”, which means that the proofreading will be done more carefully. Also, when proofreading your own text, it will not hurt to remember all the mistakes that you have ever made and go through your eyes to identify them.

When proofreading, the first thing to do is to print the text, as in this case it will be easier to mark the shortcomings and errors. But the help of a computer will not hurt either.

Be flexible and resourceful. It is very important to remember that each translator has a different style. Only need to be corrected when it really affects the quality of the translation. You cannot impose only your own style, as if it is the only correct one.

Don’t be rude and don’t use labels. Everyone can make mistakes, and you don’t need to find fault with every word. It is important to be critical, but also fair enough.

Be honest with the translator and with the client. If the translation is good, there is no need to skimp on praise. But if it is bad, the customer must be immediately informed of this so that he gives the translator the opportunity to correct all the shortcomings and errors. And thus it will significantly reduce the time of delivery of the work.

Be open to learning from your peers. Each person is unique, and as we said earlier, everyone has their own style. If you see that a colleague’s version is more concise and prettier, do not hesitate to admit it and learn to express yourself like him. But do not forget that so, it is possible to make the same mistake. And the main thing to remember is that proofreading gives you a chance to develop and gain new experience. By the way, proofreading is important not only in the work of a translator, but also in other professions, such as a journalist or writers.