Independent study of a foreign language

You can learn the language and japanese to english on your own. This method means:

Personal schedule. You are in control of the learning process. You can practice how, where and when you want.
Cheap and cheerful. The only thing you spend money on is materials for self-study. But even that is not necessary. There are many free resources on the Internet for learning foreign languages.
Lack of control. Your self-discipline must be at a high level. Especially if you work out at home, you just want to put the exercises aside and move on to something else. Try to eliminate all distractions before class starts, or find a more conducive place to study.
Not for all languages and english to tamil. This option may work with related languages. For example, for Russian speakers, Czech is considered quite simple. And if you already know French, it will be easier for you to learn Italian: they both have Latin roots. However, for difficult languages ​​like Japanese, it’s best to practice with someone first. The same goes for pronunciation. To put it right, you need a teacher. Especially in languages ​​that have a tone system like Chinese.
Independent study of a foreign language is not suitable for everyone. Much depends on your goal. If you need a language only for communication, feel free to take on the study yourself. Japanese or not Japanese, it doesn’t matter. The first 100 words can also be learned by ear. But for a deeper study, we still recommend finding a teacher.